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creating colour

creating the colours

Our luxury botanically hand-dyed yarns are produced in our home as a cottage industry using plant materials from sustainable sources and washed in clear Highland water.  We order the undyed yarns from British mills and then play and explore the beautiful colours Nature has to offer! Detailed records are kept for future use and therefore colourways can be reproduced within single dye batches.

Each skein is hand-dyed, washed and rinsed, dried and reskeined by hand and therefore receives intimate attention and care.

A stack of undyed yarns arrive from a British mill ready to receive the Gongcrafts' treatment

Skeins previously mordanted receiving their first dip on our home range ready to turn into a multi-coloured yarn.

After dyeing, washing and rinsing, the skeins are hung to dry slowly.

Finished skeins are ready for shipping!

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